Prime Vision and VDL Groep bring sorting robots to the United States
The Autonomous Mobile Robots that VDL produces for Prime Vision will sort parcels quickly and efficiently in American sorting centers.

Prime Vision and VDL Groep bring sorting robots to the United States

4 October 2021

VDL Groep and Prime Vision have been jointly producing robots for the American market. Delft-based Prime Vision has developed the Robotic Sorting concept, the sorting of shipments by so-called Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs). VDL Industrial Modules from Helmond has taken responsibility for the production of the AMRs. More than 750 robots will be deployed at various locations in the United States to sort parcels faster and more efficiently. This order is worth several million euros.

The collaboration between Prime Vision and VDL Groep stretches beyond the production activities of VDL Industrial Modules. VDL Industries Gainesville, located in the US state of Georgia, has taken on production of the battery-charging stations and VDL TBP Electronics in Dirksland (South-Holland) produces PCBAs: printed circuit board assemblies with electronic components.

Prime Vision specializes in computer vision integration and robotics, working with the latest techniques, including artificial intelligence.
The company started 30 years ago with recognizing and sorting mail and expanded their range over the years to package recognition technology, initially for postal companies. Over the past year, the services have expanded to the e-commerce industry.

Essential partner

“VDL is an essential partner in the production of the robots and seamlessly complements our competences in the field of computer vision and robotics solutions”, says director Eddy Thans of Prime Vision. Prime Vision has agreed with its US client that hundreds of robots will be delivered this year. That is why the company has sought cooperation with VDL Groep. At the Helmond-based operating company VDL Industrial Modules, parts for the autonomous mobile robots are produced, assembled and prepared for shipment.


“The production of these robots fits in perfectly with the core activities of VDL Industrial Modules”, says director Peter van der Horst of VDL Industrial Moduls. “The collaboration with Prime Vision is going very well. We have been given space by Prime Vision to further optimize the design of the robots for assembly. In addition, even in this challenging period characterized by material shortages, we have succeeded in setting up a supply chain together.”

About Prime Vision

Prime Vision is a global leader in computer vision integration and robotics for logistics and e-commerce. As an award-winning company, Prime Vision designs and integrates solutions using the latest recognition, identification, and robotics techniques to optimize the automation of sorting processes.

Prime Vision’s latest innovations include the Flow Projector (Projection Sorting) to help operators sort packages faster and easier, and Robotic Sorting (Autonomous Sorting by robots) to quickly scale up sorting operations.

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