About VDL Industries Gainesville 

VDL Industries Gainesville, which is part of VDL Groep, is the turnkey partner in mechanical engineering and production of stainless, carbon and aluminum equipment. Using our state-of-the-art machinery and around 50 experts, VDL can produce components and build machines and systems that our customers supply to the U.S. market. Located in Flowery Branch, GA, VDL Industries offers their services to the South-East of the country.

Our production facility is perfectly equipped for processing stainless, carbon steel and aluminum. Moreover, we can provide high volume (robotized) welding capacity and a large inhouse assembly space, which allows us to produce components, machines, but also large series and even entire production lines.

Teaming up with innovative startups as well as globally leading OEM-companies, VDL creates, develop and introduce new production techniques, machines and systems. Therefore, our main goal is to help our customers to differentiate themselves from other equipment suppliers in terms of innovation and cost reduction.

VDL Locations in the USA

With our new facility in Gainesville we have 6 locations in de US. Richmond (Virginia), Detroit (Michigan), Spartanburg (South Carolina) en two companies in Fremont (California) are the first five companies of VDL Groep in America.

As all companies within the Subcontracting Division of VDL Groep do, VDL Industries operates as a production partners and sub supplier. This means that we supply machines and systems to OEM-customers (Original Equipment Manufacturers) and that we consequently do not focus on the end customer. VDL Industries is active in the following markets: food processing, packaging solutions, bulk handling, automotive, transportation and agricultural.

All products made in Gainesville are destined for the American market only.