As a turnkey machine manufacturer, VDL is fully equipped with its machinery range for processing stainless, carbon steel, and aluminum. In our manufacturing facility, we have various possibilities to manufacture applicable parts from tube, bar and plate material, according to high tolerance and quality standards.

With our modern manufacturing facility we offer our partners the possibility to produce complex parts using machining, (fiber) laser-cutting and bending. VDL Industries focuses on midrange. Moreover, VDL is able to produce very large series using robotized manufacturing.

The manufacturing facility is grouped into the following departments/workshops, each having its own expertise

Sheet metal Laser Cutting

Our manufacturing facility consists of an extensive sheet metal processing workshop with various advanced machines for processing not only stainless steel, but also aluminum and carbon steel sheets. VDL Industries has the following laser:

  • Trumpf TruLaser 3040 – 6000 watt – 160” x 80” bed capacity
  • (Max 1inch carbon steel, 1inch Stainless steel, 1inch aluminum)
Sheet metal Bending

Besides sheet laser cutting, we at VDL Industries have many possibilities for sheet metal processing. The most frequently applied fashion for forming sheet metal parts (for a welding assembly) is folding, or bending. Consequently, our sheet metal machinery consists of two CNC bending machines for a wide variety of folded / bended parts like small parts, large series, large parts and complex parts with need a large number of folds per piece. For folding / bending, VDL Systems is equipped with the following machines:

  • Trumpf TruBend 5170: 187 tons, 160in.
  • Trumpf TruBend 7036: 40 tons, 40in.
Cut Sawing

Amongst others, our production organization consists of a fully equipped machining department with a wide variety of cutting, sawing, drilling, sanding and milling machines. This machinery allows us to supply high quality products both as single units and in large volumes. Our cut-sawing & milling workshop consists of:

  • Semi-automatic mitre-sawing machines
  • Semi-automatic circular sawing machine

Our possibilities in machining  are completed with a wide variety of machines for automatic turned products. VDL Industries uses DMG Mori machines.  A part from CN-operated coordinates drilling machines, the machine park of the machining workshop is completed with  a robotic loading cell with is installed at one of our turning lathes (largest diameter: 4 inches). In totality, our machining workshop for processing stainless steel, aluminum and plastics consists of the following machines:

  • CNC turning lathes (incl. robotic loading cell)
  • CNC-lathe with sub spindle and automatic feeder
  • Coordinates drilling line (CNC-operated).
  • Thread drilling machines.

For VDL Industries, the advanced welding hall is of crucial importance since it allows the company to provide the complete construction work for many types of machines within its own walls. Needless to say, all personnel on this department is very skillful and a specialist in constructing stainless, carbon and aluminum construction components. Most of these parts are produced at our own machining and sheet metal workshops.

  • MIG welding
  • TIG welding
  • Robotic welding

VDL Industries has a spacious glass-pearl blasting room for finishing large (welding) assemblies. Besides, for small parts we have a second glass-pearl blasting cabinet. For serial assemblies or parts we deploy our automatic wheel blasting room.

VDL has reliable partners where we outsource our powder coating and galvanizing demands.

Are you interested in detailed information on our abilities, please contact us! We will be glad to discuss your challenge or demand and like to help you with any (technical) questions.