VDL Industries will operate with the brand a brand new Trumpf TruLaser 3040. Our fiber Laser is of the fastest and most cost-effective technologies around these days, offering increased flexibility and extremely high accuracy. Laser cutting creates a cost- effective alternative for short run approval parts prior to production quantities. Our highly trained engineering team and focus on LEAN manufacturing will create a minimal scrap output.

In our metal division VDL Industries has chosen for the Trumpf TruBend 3170 and the Trumpf TruBend 7036. Based on the range of these press brakes VDL Industries is able to utilize different press brakes to reach a broader range of products. The 7036 is very fast and precise, where the 3170 can bend the larger and thicker materials. All press brakes are CNC operated for the highest efficiency and performance.

VDL Industries will has eight welding units in the facility that have experience with MIG, MAG,TIG and spot welding. The stations will be divided in stainless steel and carbon steel welding. Stainless steel and aluminum materials are processed in separated work areas from mild steel to prevent cross contamination. The broad selection of welds VDL Industries offers provides us to produce for a large variety of industries.


  • Trumpf TruLaser 3040 – 6000 watt – 160” x 80” bed capacity
  • (Max 1inch carbon steel, 1inch Stainless steel, 1inch aluminum)
  • Trumpf TruBend 3170: 187 tons, 160in.
  • Trumpf TruBend 7036: 40 tons, 40in.


Eight (8) welding units

  • Miller MIG welders
  • Miller TIG welders
  • Miller MAG welders
  • Miller spot welder
  • Cromp-Arc TC 12 stud welder
  • Lors spot welder single phase for alum, stainless steel, & mild steel


  • AngleMaster punch and shear
  • Trenn Jager cold saw, 4” cut
  • Coeen bundle cutting saw
  • DoAll band saw, 12 ft. bed


  • 5 axis Mill Station
  • Travel (X,Y,Z) : 650 /520/475 mm
    25.6/20.5/18.7 in.
  • Work surface: 630 x 500 mm
    24.8 x 19.6 in.
    3 axis Vertical Mill Station
  • Travel (X,Y,Z): 1,050/900/1,030 mm
    41.3/35.4/40.6 in.
  • Work surface: 630 x 640 mm
    24.8 x 24.8 in.


  • CNC Lathe Station
  • 8 inch diameter. 600mm length.


VDL Industries can support the production and engineering of prototypes, finished assemblies, and VDL can help you design or improve a more cost efficient product. VDL Industries believes that offering engineering and working with their client is a collaborative effort between the client and VDL. This will result in the lowering of the cost of manufacturing. VDL Industries will also be able to reverse engineer existing parts or assemblies minimizing to improve efficiency in the manufacturing space.

Quality Control

VDL Industries takes great pride in the manufacturing quality. VDL guarantees that all of the products go through a series of inspections before leaving the facility. A very important step VDL takes towards quality control is, provide a 1st article inspections to ensure quality. In addition to our standard quality procedures, VDL Industries is willing to work with custom inspection programs that are required by the customer’s unique needs.