Besides part manufacturing, welding and surface treatment, the production organization of VDL Industries has the assembly department where ultimately the machine construction and assembly takes place. In our modern assembly hall, we have a flexible team of mechanics and technicians and all resources needed that allow for assembly of many different products and machines.

Machine and Project Assembly

At its production facility in Flowery Branch, VDL Industries has a assembly hall of 10.000 square feet for normal-sized machines and serial assembly. The assembly area is equipped for full assemblies, project based assemblies and component assemblies. For example, we can entirely build and lined-up complex assemblies like automated handling systems for containers or crates, completely welded drying or freezing tunnels, industrial washing installations and internal logistic systems, within our assembly hall at VDL Industries.

Serial Assembly

Besides component production and machining, VDL Industries has its own fully equipped workshop dedicated to serial assembly of modules and products. Together with our serial production and welding workshops, this modern assembly workshop allows us to also take care of serial assembly of parts and (robotic) welding assemblies for its customers. To conclude, VDL Industries can make use of a widespread network of component suppliers which allows us to also offer to unburden our customers from the complete purchase package of the modules of machines. In this way we offer enormous added value as a turnkey partner for your production process.

Are you interested in detailed information on our abilities, please contact us! We will be glad to discuss your challenge or demand and like to help you with any (technical) questions.