VDL Groep and DAF present electric truck

VDL Groep and DAF present electric truck

16 May 2018

Today, Wednesday 16 May, VDL Groep and DAF presented their entirely electric truck. The two Eindhoven firms have joined forces to develop this e-truck, and plan to supply electric trucks to customers later this year. With this announcement, DAF and VDL are responding to the increasing demand for emission-free driving and a reduction in noise levels, especially in urban areas. The DAF CF Electric VDL E-Power offers our customers the perfect solution to this.

DAF supplies the cab and chassis of the DAF CF truck, crowned 'International Truck of the Year 2018’, and VDL supplies the electric motor, batteries and the associated controls. Feedback from the first customers to use the CF Electric trucks will partly determine when serial production will commence. It made complete sense for VDL and DAF to join forces to create the e-truck. DAF is a leading international truck manufacturer, and VDL a European market leader in the field of electrification of heavy vehicles, such as buses and automatic guided vehicles (AGVs).


“This e-truck is the culmination of 65 years of collaboration between DAF and VDL Groep”, comments VDL Groep Chairman, Willem van der Leegte, proudly. "This is a pooling of resources between two Eindhoven firms, who excel in terms of their strong foundations and soundness, and high-level innovation, respectively. Our e-truck represents a leap forward in the direction of more sustainable freight transport."

Preston Feight, president of DAF Trucks: "DAF Trucks is delighted to be working together with VDL Groep on co-developing innovative solutions for electric commercial vehicles. VDL Groep has an excellent track record in designing and producing electric powertrains for applications in public transport. These powertrains are highly suitable for use in lorries used in urban distribution."

Dutch Minister for Infrastructure, Cora van Nieuwhuizen attended today's presentation of the e-truck in Eindhoven. "An innovation like the e-truck is significant in more than one way", commented the minister. "This vehicle will help reduce air- and noise pollution. It is also proof that green investments create jobs. In the coming years, my efforts will be dedicated to strengthening our transport sector further. Developments like this truck fit perfectly with that goal."


The e-truck will be used in a truck/trailer combination for inner city distribution, with a total weight of 40 tonnes. The technology used is largely the same as that applied in the VDL Groep's electric buses, which have covered millions of kilometres of complex schedules already. VDL has a wealth of experience in implementing complete system solutions (vehicle, charging infrastructure and implementation management).


The DAF CF Electric VDL E-Power has a 210kW motor and torque of 2,000Nm. The motor is electrically powered through a battery pack with a gross capacity of 170kWh. A fully charged battery will supply 100km of transport - enough for daily distribution from outside of the city, into it. Interim quick battery charges take no more than 30 minutes. It takes 1.5 hours to charge the battery fully.

Next steps

The e-truck has been extensively tested in regular city traffic. The initial trucks supplied to customers will be used for heavier distribution in urban areas. Serial production of the CF Electric will commence based on these customers' experiences. Market conditions will dictate the quantities produced at that point. The subsequent phase will involve looking into further possibilities for additional electric vehicles for travelling into or around the city. Possible examples are an 18-tonne tipper and other electric vehicles, such as household waste collection trucks and container trucks with electric hooklifts.