VDL Industries is part of VDL Groep

VDL Industries is part of VDL Groep, an international industrial family-owned company with 99 operating companies, spread over 20 countries and with around 17,000 employees. It is a conglomerate of flexible, independent companies, each with its own specialty. The strength of VDL Groep lies in the mutual cooperation between the companies.

VDL Industries Gainesville is a subcontracting company. In the subcontracting division, VDL specialises in metalworking, mechatronic systems and system supply, plastics processing and surface treatment.

VDL Locations in the USA

With our new facility in Gainesville we have 6 locations in de US. Richmond (Virginia), Detroit (Michigan), Spartanburg (South Carolina) en two companies in Fremont (California) are the first five companies of VDL Groep in America.

VDL Industries Gainesville is going to produce products by metal en sheet metal, robot welding and doing to assembly for customers in the US and voor customers for example from Europe that want to get a footprint in your country. We are aiming to deliver a supply chain in the US for our customers.

Examples of products that VDL Industries Gainesville will manufacture or assemble from the start of production: components for total systems, charging stations for electric cars, city furniture and roller conveyors for sorting centers.

All products made in Gainesville are destined for the American market only. As you know in a period of five years we hope to have more than 100 employees in Gainesville.